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Interesting sights in the surroundings, recreational alternatives

the Makekov marof (farm)

St. Ozbolt's Church with old frescoes

Old rustic architecture (farms at the Senk's, Anko's, Roblek's)

Jenko's barracks  -  renaissance manor house from 16th century

Boundary stones  -  former border between Carniola and Carinthia

Waterfalls in the Reka Valley

the Spa of Anko's

the Waterfalls of Anko's

Tufa quarry in Komatevra

Krtina army hospital from WW2 in Komatevra

Old yew tree and lime tree at the Makek's

the Čedca Waterfall  -  the highest waterfall in Slovenia

the lake Plansarsko jezero

Ice Cap under Skuta

Summits of the Alps (Grintavec, Kocna, Skuta, Rinka)

Alpine vegetation (e.g. Lady's-slipper, primroses, gentians)

Animals (Red Deer, Chamois, Alpine Salamander, Dipper, Alpine Chough)

Kayaking on the Kokra River

Summer and winter mountain climbing

Village Festival at the lake Plansarsko jezero

The Shepherd's ball (2. Sunday in August)

Fishing, hunting, mushroom picking, photographing

Tourist farms, opportunities to buy home-made wool products